The Nlaka'pamux Legacy Trust is a sovereign wealth-like trust fund, established to benefit the members of eight Nlaka'pamux Nation communities.  The communities are Ashcroft Indian Band, Boston Bar First Nation, Coldwater Indian Band, Cook’s Ferry Indian Band, Nicomen Indian Band, Nooaitch Indian Band, Shackan Indian Band and Siska Indian Band.


The eight communities reached a number of agreements with Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership and the Province of British Columbia in compensation for an expansion of an existing mine located outside Logan Lake, BC. 


One of the agreements provides for the establishment of the trust for the long term socio-economic well-being of the eight communties and their members.  

The trust is governed by a trust indenture and is managed by trustees appointed via a non-profit entity established by the eight communities.

Each of the eight bands is eligible for money from the trust.  Funds are only paid to the bands or the non-profit entity.  No individual member payments are permitted by the indenture.

Band application forms can be found on the next page.

Nlaka'pamux Legacy Trust

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Cook's Ferry Band

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